About Us

We are a fresh, dynamic and continuously growing company. We created this company out of love. Love for people, great programming, engineering and delivering business value. The core team experience could be expressed in hundreds of years with various projects, technologies, teams and customers. We focus on financial services and applications with occasional involvement in research and development, production, logistics and gaming domains. Our goal is to deliver the best possible services and solutions in terms of price for value by delivering quickly and using continuous improvement. We are an agile company with big goals and some achievements under our belt already (e.g. first Nasdaq traded customer). We service mainly customers from the European Union, the United States of America and Canada.

We Believe:

In People

People are our most valuable assets. Their experience, motivations and characters are what really matters when it comes to the daily work and satisfaction of both our Clients and ours. Our people are not our Resources they are our Essence. We believe in cooperation, open minds, honesty, having fun and… getting the work done;) We have the same principles when it comes to our Customers. We love People!

In Continous Improvement

In most cases we are Engineers, and Engineer is basically a person who wants to create, fix, invent, deliver, try, fiddle, break, fail, learn and grow. Our goal is to be better than the day before… every day. There is nothing that we cannot achieve with this mindset. A world with this mindset is also a better, brighter place. Let’s improve together!

In Software

The main purpose of our company is to create software and IT solutions in general. We believe that IT solutions are there to solve problems and not create them. Software should be useful, elegant, stable, easy and fun to use, easy (cheap), fun to develop and deliver serious business value whatever it is a desktop application, PoS, a portal or mobile application. Software gave us the knowledge-based economy and basically is one of the most crucial factors of the rapid growth of our civilization and technology. It is not bound to physical world thus creates the perfect canvas for Continous Improvement.

Contact Us

Tel.: +48.502498076
E-mail: contact@11x.eu
NIP: 9571118171


Business Consulting

We are helping our customers with understanding how their business needs can be satisfied with modern tools, technologies, methodologies, etc. It does not matter if you are a tech company that only requires specific expertise or if you are not really aware of how your service or product can benefit from modern IT solutions. Our Analysts and Developers will guide you or help you during the early conception, development, delivery, and maintenance. We are also experienced in electronic transformations and Business Processes optimization in general.

Development process optimization

If you have challenges with your development process our team of highly skilled professionals will be a great driver of change within your company. Whenever your goal is to create a new product, shorten your time to market, enhance productivity, decrease waste and overall development costs, enhance quality we are here to help. We are strong believers in Agile and we are well suited to create an Agile development environment within your company or participate in an existing one.

Bespoke software

If your need is to simply have your product created for you or with you we will be more than happy to help you. Most of our experience is related to product development and end to end software development and support. The way of cooperation could vary from customer to customer but we are responsible for the product or project outcome. At the minimum, we require one dedicated person (accountable, involved) from your organization to be our Product Owner and we can start the development within weeks.

Agile Extended Teams

One of the approaches to Software Development which is well tested with our customers is to enhance their teams with our team members. In this model, we are basically building one dedicated (but distributed) team that is designated to develop one product only. It works if you simply need additional skills, more manpower within your team or you need e.g. to „follow the sun”. We can help to set up and run such a team as all of us have vast experience in such a setup.


If you need a simple body leasing or „quick help” we are open for the cooperation. Simply let us know who you need and we will delegate one of our People to work with you. We tend to have some of our employees unoccupied for periods of time so it could be a good way to simply start the cooperation and then grow it into more sophisticated models. We’ve done that before;)

HR and Recruitment

Although we are not using the term Resource to refer to People that work with us we can help you with your… Human Capital. Our team is experienced and capable of acquiring all sorts of IT experts. Thanks to our vast network we can help you with finding and attracting more talents than you’ve ever imagined… the only thing is you’ll have to hire us to hire them.